Best Sex Toys on the Market

Most people dream of having a dizzying orgasm. In these modern times, talking about it is no longer a big deal. This acceptance and the technological advances that emerged led to the creation of sex toys, which have definitely made an impact.

Orgasm is something that many want to get and deserve to have. Now, you no longer need someone to give it to you. Sometimes, you want to take care of yourself. With the amazing sex toys available in the market today, you can finally have that orgasm.

It is just a matter of knowing which toy is worth your while. Here are the best sex toys on the market that you might want to be familiar with:

  1. Iris – LELO

Iris is known for its design depicting a blooming flower, which makes it a good-looking object. Aside adding to aesthetics, its ridges will feel good in the vagina. It is a big sex toy at 9 inches. In spite its size, it can be used quietly. It comes with different modes that allow the user to find that ideal setting that will give the best orgasm. To give clit stimulation that is to die for, it has a curved tip that will deliver just that. If you are into internal stimulation, the vibe petals will deliver a great one. This sex toy is rechargeable one.

  1. Eva – DAME

Eva is the very first vibrator which you can use hand-free. Unlike the common vibrators, this one does not need to be tucked or strapped into the lingerie. Its arm is tucked under the labia and the motor must be positioned over the clit. It has a cute appearance that even when other people see it, you will not have problem making pointing at it as a simple paperweight. It can be charged through USB and it is also waterproof.

  1. Womanizer – WOMANIZER

Although Womanizer can easily be mistaken for a pore extraction machine, it is actually one of the greatest sex toys today. This rechargeable sex toy will create a seal around the clit. It will then suck and vibrate. The oral experience that this machine can provide is as real as it gets – actually, it might even be better than the real thing.

  1. Magic Wand Rechargeable – HITACHI

The new version of the Hitachi Magic Wand is truly a dream for all its fans. Tethering to the wall is no longer necessary. It is now quieter and lighter as compared to the previous version. The power of its rumbly vibration is however maintained to the delight of the users. You can also buy attachment heads for clitoral penetration and stimulation, if you wish to have them. Although it is rechargeable, it still has the plug and play option, which you can use whenever you forget to charge the toy and you’re in need of orgasm right away.

  1. Mimi Soft – JE JOUE

Mimi Soft is more than what it appears to be. At first glance, it looks like a little pink stone. This cute little sex toy has a sleek shape, which you can fit and easily in your hands. Holding it against the clit is also easily – you won’t have to struggle with unlike with other toys. The angle is easily controlled. Customizing your orgasm has never been as easy and convenient as what this toy is offering. The vibration patterns and speed of this toy comes in 5 different levels that allow you to do just that. Its silicone is also pillow soft to the clit.

  1. Electronic Toothbrush Vibrator – TINGLETIP

The attachment of the toy fits perfectly in the electronic toothbrush’s head, which transforms it to an external vibrator of amazing power. This toy will be great item for the beginners who want to have their orgasm without the need of carrying a dildo with them.

  1. Tango – WE VIBE

The Tango might appear like a basic vibrator. However, this toy is far from basic. If you are into targeted stimulation of the clit, this toy is the perfect one for you. It has a rumbly vibration that is powerful enough to give you the orgasm you need and desire. Another great feature of it is the small size – so you could actually use it while having sex (there’s no need to choose).

Getting the orgasm you need does not mean that you need to be with someone. With a great sex toy in your arsenal, you can have the orgasm you want anytime. If you need an app for sexting to get you going check out Free Sexting App as it’s the #1 app for sex chat and adult chat. Its free to signup and it is the best sextexting app available. So now you have free sexting to go along with your awesome sex toy!